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Buying a House

Psychic Real Estate Expert

 For my services, please contact me at 404-437-5336

Sharon Pugh has been studying the energy of residential and commercial property for over 15 years and is a leading expert on hauntings.  She has now chosen to offer her expertise to those buying new or existing properties in the Atlanta, Ga Area. How can Sharon help you? Keep reading.

Real Estate agents help find you a home or commercial property for a good price as well as helping to sell your existing property for the highest price. Inspectors make sure there's no hidden issues structurly to buildings.  We've all heard stories of families finding their dream home only to find out that it's very haunted. Well those stories are true. 

 Events such as divorce, drug abuse, natural death, suicides and mental illness can create both active and residual energy hauntings. Even land can carry trauma from thousands of years ago. It typically takes about six months to start feeling and seeing strange things happen in a house that is "sick" Believe it or not, homes absorb emotions into walls, ceilings and floors. Depending on the nature of those emotions, portals to other worlds can open and wreak havoc on your family.

Sharon Pugh will do a complete walk through to do nothing more than read the energy and see what past events happened in and outside of home or business.


Sharon's 15 years of energy real estate research involves the Numerology address of property, Architecture shape, Materials used to build property, Geography terrain, Remote viewing(seeing past and present events inside structure) and Evidential Medium ship gifts. 

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