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Phone Services

  I provide Phone and Skype readings.  please contact me directly at 404-437-5336 by text or message. You can also pre purchase a reading of your choice. I will schedule and complete your reading within 72 hours unless it's noted here that there is a waiting list.


First and foremost, I'm an expressive Medium. I see and hear passed loved ones. Many times, these loved ones are a beneficial tool to help me guide you to the right answers.
  Being Psychic is so important to connect with you on an empathic and intuitive level. When you come to me about a relationship, career or personal guidance, I put on my psychic hat so to speak.
  As a spiritual coach, I offer interpersonal guidance on just about any issue. I never replace a Psychologist or Medical Dr. Instead, I enlighten you from completely different views with the help of your guides, Angels and loved ones.
  My ability as an animal communicator has helped me recover missing pets and help give peace to fur mom and dads who have lost their pet.
Energy and Chakra work is an intense 90 min phone session. This service is perfect if you feel a heavy, helpless feeling in your home. Homes are like car windshields. They develop the buildup of crud also. After clearing and balancing the energy of your home, I clear and realign your Chakras finishing with a relaxing meditation.
Remember, every session is kept confidential. 
with anyone.

Once you choose and purchase the reading of your choice, I will contact you by email to solidify a day and time that works best for you. I guarantee your reading will be completed within five days of purchase unless otherwise stated. If you do not want to wait, I offer a limited daily Same Day Readings. Please see below.

15 Min Phone Reading - Psychic only $75

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30 Min Phone Reading - Psychic and Mediumship $155

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60 min Phone Reading - Psychic and Mediumship $225

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policies and disclaimers

 cancellation and refund policy

Request for cancellation and refund must be made before 24 hours of scheduled reading. Same day readings are non-refund 

   Hold Harmless Agreement

By purchasing services from Sharon Pugh, you agree to a "hold harmless." Sharon Pugh is not a Physician or Therapist, and her services should never be used in place of qualified doctors. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase any service from this website. If client verbally announces intent to commit suicide or harm other or others, Sharon Pugh has the right to contact the proper authorities

Reschedule policy


each client is allowed to

reschedule twice before

forfeiting their reading

Medium Sharon Pugh reserves

the right to reschedule

due to police assistance, sickness

Or any other emergency. Your reading

will be completed within 24 hours

of rescheduling.

Think of your reading as an investment. Prior to your reading, take the time to meditate and clear your mind. If you have small children, find someone to care for them during your reading. If you have noisy pets, make sure you find the perfect spot that will be quiet for both you and Sharon. Never drink Alchohol or take sedatives prior to reading as this will create a block and diminish what you get out of the reading. Have a notepad and pen handy next to where you will be sitting during reading. Turn off radio, TV and other phones than the one being used for reading. NEVER drive or operate machinery while having a reading. You will be asked to reschedule on a first availability basis, no exceptions.

forfeiting readings

1. Three or more reschedules

2. filing false claim with PayPal

3. abusive attitude and or language

4. under the influence of drugs

   and or alcohol, verbal abuse through phone,

   Texting and or in person. This policy also

   applies to spirit parties

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