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About Sharon

Sharon Pugh is an established Radio/TV Personality. Her southern charm, humor and unque connection to large audiences makes her perfect for media events.

 Sharon has been part of two major Television pilots with S. Pictures, Grafton Street Productions, and The Alfred Group (NBC).  "Psychic Housewives", a pilot based on the crazy life of Psychic Housewives of Atlanta can be found on IMDb.

 If you're interested in using Sharon Pugh as a TV Psychic Medium, please contact her at or by phone at 404-437-5336

Sharon is an internationally known psychic medium and life coach. She was born a gifted light worker. She's fondly known as the "Atlanta Southern Style Medium" from her twangy accent, love of horses, four wheelers, fishing. She loves 1950's Ford trucks.


2013 FABULOUS FEEDBACK AWARD WINNER. Evidential Psychic Medium Sharon whose talents span across an array of Spirit Communication, Spiritual Counseling, Love, Career, Finances, Animal Communication, Remote Viewing, Past-Life Exploration, and many more.
Sharon is the 8th Most Popular Medium in the World, and published in  (The United States and World’s Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Maximillien de Lafayette, 2012)   As an esteemed member of Shay Parker's Best American Psychics, Sharon is recognized as being one of the top mediums in the world. She supports clients worldwide. 
This true Georgia peach was born and raised in the Deep South.  And with a father who served as a remote viewer for the FBI, it was a matter of time before Sharon realized her specials gifts. At twelve years old, Sharon acknowledged her ability and began to harness its strength. Recognizing the positive force behind her metaphysical connection, Sharon has had the privilege of advising a variety of people with a vast selection of concerns.
Sharon has been a guest on numerous radio and television shows, including Haunted South.    She is available to clients worldwide.

I can help you


I see, hear and smell spirits. I've consulted on many extreme hauntings and am considered an expert paranormal psychic medium.

 When doing readings, immediately I'm able to see the past, present and future through my third eye (brow chakra) I combine the ability to hear messages from spirit with my urgent third eye to help guide you in any situation. My work as a Life Coach has evolved from many years of spiritual counseling. I can also see places, objects and people in other locations.  With the gift of remote viewing. I've found missing objects and assisted on the disappeared police cases.

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Sharon on the Dr. Pat Radio Show

Sharon Pugh on The Dr. Pat Show - Unknown Artist
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